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Curious about the most interesting tech on the horizon in 2023? Then check out today’s digest. We’re presenting the Samsung Display Digital Cockpit, EVAR Parky, and more.

Curious about the gadgets that will either drop this year or influence future product innovations? Then you’re reading the right blog. Today we’re rounding up the most interesting tech gadgets of 2023. There’s a lot to get excited about, from robots to AI and STEM gadgets to smart home products.

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Delivery robots keep getting smarter. And in 2023, the Ottonomy Ottobots show that you don’t even need to be home to receive a package from one. These robots can place deliveries in a locker or on a doorstop autonomously.

Then, the Samsung Display Digital Cockpit takes the already-advanced experience of a self-driving car a step further. It has 2 displays that you can use for entertainment or driving focus.

Ready to see the future of tech? Keep reading!

1. The Samsung Display Digital Cockpit self-driving vehicle dashboard has a curved front display, helping with driver focus. It’s coming soon, and its price is TBA.

Samsung Display Digital Cockpit side view

Make your self-driving car experience even more advanced with the Samsung Display Cockpit self-driving vehicle dashboard. It comes with screens for entertainment and optimal viewing of the road ahead.

2. The EVAR Parky EV recharging robot automatically finds and travels to your vehicle in a parking lot. This gadget is coming soon for a to-be-determined price.

EVAR Parky EV informational video

There’s no need to hunt for an EV charger with the EVAR Parky EV recharging robot. Using image marker references, it finds your car and navigates to it using triple sensors. It then charges your vehicle, making it one of the most interesting tech gadgets of 2023.

3. The Shiftall MeganeX ultra-lightweight 5.2K VR headset gives you a comfortable and realistic virtual experience. It’ll be available soon for $1,699.

Shiftall MeganeX side view

Do away with heavy VR headsets and go for the Shiftall MeganeX ultra-lightweight 5.2K VR headset. Incredibly light and compact, it ensures it’s comfortable to play. Then, the 5.2K/10 bit HDR MicroOLED display and pancake lens offer high-quality immersion.

4. The Ottonomy Ottobot delivery robots dispense packages automatically. They’re on their way for an unknown price.

Ottonomy Ottobot intro video

Unattended deliveries aren’t an issue for the Ottonomy Ottobot delivery …….


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